Welcome to CHAT Integrated Media!

CHAT Integrated Media is a B2B media company focused on Canada’s Automotive Aftermarket with DIGITAL, PRINT, E-NEWS, and PROFESSIONAL SOCIAL media.

Launched on January 1, 2018 but backed by 30 years of B2B media experience, it is a brand-focused company that has developed extensive content you will find at our brand sites www.indiegarage.ca and www.jobbernation.ca.

We employ a persona-based media approach, organizing our content into rich media streams for professionals within organizations so that they can access helpful information efficiently and to engage them on a variety of levels.

In 2020 we launched The Great Canadian Aftermarket Trade Show virtual event. Hosted on our Jobber Nation and Indie Garage sites, the virtual event presented virtual booths and expert conference sessions over the months-long event to connect the industry. Have a look at the 2021 edition, presented May through June HERE.

In 2021 CHAT Media launched The Great Canadian Aftermarket Podcast which brings weekly expert interviews for Canada’s automotive aftermarket and in its first years was recognized by Feedspot as a Top 10 Canadian Automotive Podcast. Listen to episodes on SPOTIFY and APPLE PODCASTS.

A founding principle of CHAT Media is that B2B media must change if it is to continue to engage the attention of readers in industry.

We also tightly focus our print product circulation to provide efficient ad buys without sacrificing marketers’ need to reach the core industry segments.

Visit our titles at www.indiegarage.ca and www.jobbernation.ca to see what we mean.

For more information and to request an Advertising Media Kit, contact us at admin@chatmedia.ca


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